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Nearby Cities:
Olive Branch, MS – 8 Miles
Holly Springs, MS – 15 Miles
Oxford, MS – 35 Miles
Collierville, TN – 12 Miles
Memphis, TN/Airport – 17 Miles
Southaven, MS – 18 Miles
Tupelo, MS – 69 Miles

Byhalia is named for the Chickasaw word meaning “Great White Oaks.” U.S. Highways 78 and 309 intersect to make this a true crossroad. Antebellum homes and churches are part of the legacy of Byhalia and Marshall County.

Marshall County Christmas Houses (Dec.)
Holly Springs Pilgrimage (Apr.)
Marshall County Historical Tour (Apr./May)
Strawberry Plains Hummingbird Festival (Sep.)

After falling off his horse, William Faulkner, the noted author from Oxford, MS, went to Wright’s Sanatorium in Byhalia for an examination. He liked the privacy it offered. It was recommended that he go to a Memphis hospital for further analysis, but he refused and died while a patient there.

The bell at the First Presbyterian Church traveled to Byhalia in 1859 on an oxcart from Piedmont, SC. It had been cast in Scotland prior to the Revolutionary War. After the wooden tower of the church collapsed, it was stored in the basement and later found. It was placed in a steel tower in 1948, and would ring each Sunday.

Tradition has it that Hernando DeSoto marched down the Chickasaw trail in 1541, now known as Highway 178.*

A History of Byhalia was written by the late Barton Williams in 1987 to preserve the memory and heritage of earlier residents of Byhalia for today’s residents.

In 1997, the Byhalia Area Chamber of Commerce restored the historic building that was the Citizens Bank (1914). Journals, pictures, furniture, marble, the walnut counter, the clock, vault and many other Byhalia memorabilia, were restored to use in the chamber office.

In Hicks Cemetery (2½ miles southwest of Byhalia), Robert Morris Ingram is buried. Mr. Ingram was a direct descendant of Robert Morris, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Jimmy (Brandt) Edwards, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Edwards, has appeared in several Broadway shows in New York. Shows such as Promises, Promises, Hello Dolly, Applause, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, and A Chorus Line. He now resides in Byhalia.*

On June 3, 1984, the Olympic flame, which originated in Greece, came through Byhalia. A crowd of 3,000 people lined Highway 178 to cheer with patriotic emotion. One could visualize a Chickasaw warrior running down this trail carrying a message to his people.*
* Source: A History of Byhalia by Barton Williams.

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