Privilege/Business Licenses

All businesses are required to obtain a license to engage in business in the City Limits of Byhalia.

The process for obtaining a business license

1. Set up an appointment with the Code Enforcer/Building Inspector (Leland Reed at 662-838-2135)

a.He will make sure the building is zoned correctly for your business

b. He will make sure the building is adequate for your business and advise you of requirements (ex. Restaurants require a grease trap etc.)

c. He will talk with you in regard to renovations/remodeling/additions

d. He will discuss signage requirements, parking etc.

e. He will inspect the business and if it passes all requirements, he will provide the Town with a Use & Occupancy permit 

2.You must apply for a Mississippi Sales Tax Certificate with The Mississippi Department of Revenue at 662-562-4489 or on their website at

3. If your business sells beer, liquor, tobacco or prepared food you will also need these certificates.

a. Alcohol permit from The MS Department of Revenue (ABC Division)

b. Beer License from The MS Department of Revenue

c. Tobacco License from The MS Department of Revenue (Local Office)

Contact: The MS Dept. of Rev. for Alcohol, Beer & Tobacco

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 127 | Senatobia, MS 38668

Physical Address: 2778 Hwy 51 S. | Senatobia, MS 38668

Phone: 662-562-4489

d. Health Department Inspection from the Marshall County Health Dept.

To obtain a Food Permit or for Inspection

Contact: Marshall County Health Department

225 South Market | Holly Springs, MS 38635

Phone: 662-252-4621 | Open Monday thru Friday

4. Fill out a Business License Application

a. We will need to know the number of full-time employees and/or the wholesale value of the inventory.

b. Be sure to bring in a copy of all required certificates listed above to receive your Use & Occupancy Permit issued by our Code Enforcer/Building Inspector. The cost of the Use & Occupancy Permit is $5.00 along with the cost of your Business License.

All certificates, business license and utilities must be the same name as the business and also list the applicant’s name.

*** Please note on the page under “Live” there is a page for Utility Information****

You must have a Deed (as owner) or a Renters Agreement along with your driver’s license to apply for utilities. Please see the Utility Information in regard to Tap fees (if applicable) and Deposits.

If you have any questions in regard to your business license, please call Kathy Vanderhook at 662-838-2135

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