Planning Commission

The Planning Commission of the Town of Byhalia consists of six members, a Commission Chairman and five Commission members. This Commission is appointed by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the Town of Byhalia.

All members of the commission shall serve without additional compensation and the term of office shall be concurrent with the term of office held by the aldermen.

The Town of Byhalia General Development Plan outlines the appointment of the Commission, the authority, the meetings, the jurisdiction and appeals.

Planning Commission Members

Ronnie Blackburn (Chairman)

Bobby Bonds

Lynn Jijaga

Brandon Simpson

Town of Byhalia General Development Plan

The Town of Byhalia General Development Plan is an excellent plan for the future of our community. Its effectiveness is entirely dependent on implementation of the recommendations provided. This plan was adopted April 2009 and includes the plans set forth to respond to new growth and development, including our Development Code, Subdivision Regulations, Design Standards and Preservation Ordinance.

Flood Plain Information

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